Sheffield Financial is excited to introduce its new EasyEdit contract functionality, available in the Dealer Suite!

Applications submitted on or after March 15, 2020 dealers will be able to easily add the VIN/Serial Number and adjust the Invoice Amount within set limits while finalizing your customer’s loan contract. Additionally, the contract date will default to the day you finalize the contract. Since the EasyEdit functionality puts more control in the dealer’s hands, our simpler process will allow for faster closings, saving you time and money! The remainder of the contract process will remain the same.

Note: Please ensure your browser Pop-Up Blocker is turned off for the Sheffield Dealer Suite site to ensure your contract image is published and available for printing.

Thank You!

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*****Application Process Enhancement****

To better service our Dealer Suite users, Sheffield has enhanced our Dealer Suite to improve the application process. Once a credit application is submitted, you will get a response back within 60 seconds if your credit application has been denied. You will be notified via fax, email, and on the “Status of Application” page of the Dealer Suite. If the submitted Dealer Suite application is denied, you will no longer receive a phone call from a Sheffield representative. This process was implemented to enhance Sheffield’s superior financing experience and to allow dealers to have the opportunity to respond faster to their customer.

Applications submitted via the Dealer Suite that require a Sheffield representative to review, will continue through the previous process. A Sheffield representative will review the credit request during our normal business hours and call the dealer back within 15 minutes.

The staff at Sheffield Financial would like to thank you for your business and your continued patience as we make system upgrades to provide you with the best financing experience possible.


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